BONK! performance series - a monthly reading/performance series.  Artist Matt Specht and the poet Nicholas Michael Ravnikar, who also edits the bathroom magazine, were originally founders of the series too.  If you would like to be a reader/performer in the series, check out the site and contact BONK!.  Sponsored by the Racine Public Library.

Boo - An online journal that is intended to gather only profoundly offensive things.  Focused on the arts–particularly experimental literature, due to my own biases.  First issue came out in September of 09.  Submit something to it.

My Youtube Channel-  which pretty much is just of poets reading their work.  John Beer, Michelle Taransky, Anne Shaw, Steve Timm, Gina Myers, Nick Twemlow, Abe Smith…

Racquetball Chapbook Tournament – Have a chapbook you want published?  This is a chapbook contest based off literary merit in no way whatsoever.  The RCT first entered the ridiculous world of publishing in 2009, with the publication of Nick Twemlow’s “Your Mouth Is Everywhere” (which has sold out).  Nicholas Michael Ravnikar, my co-founder of this tournament, is brilliant and I’m proud to be riding his coattails on this one.

Book acquisitions- At the Racine Public Library, where I work, myself and some others (particularly the poet and librarian John Dey) have been working to include entire collections of small presses publishing innovative literature.  We have all or most titles from Fence Books, Tarpaulin Sky, Flood Editions, Bronze Skull, Fact-SimileWave Books, Cinematheque Press, Flim ForumCanarium and Cracked Slab .  There’s tons more we’d like to include.  The funds used to get these titles came from the Write-a-thon fundraiser (a library program I started which ran for three years, but the library has since gotten rid of all adult programming), so it’s entirely community generated and driven by mostly writers in Racine (though it’s not limited to Racine-based writers).  If you are affiliated with a journal or press and would like to have your titles at our library, contact me at

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  1. Shani Tikiah Says:

    Nick youre awesome, please keep me posted via email, txt message, and smoke signal about upcoming events. I’m a huge fan. Having two jobs makes it extremely difficult to keep up. We should get together soon.

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