Here’s an example of a typical bio line I use to send out to publishers and things:

“Nick Demske lives in Racine, Wisconsin and works at the Racine Public Library.

His self-titled manuscript was selected by Joyelle McSweeney for the 2010 Fence Modern Poets Series Award and was published by Fence Books.  Nick was featured in 2011 as one of fifteen emerging poets to watch for by Poets and Writers magazine and his book was chosen as one of the 10 Best Books of Poetry in 2010 by a Believer Magazine reader survey.  This past fall, he completed a month-and-a-half-long book tour that traveled over 10,000 miles across the whole of America.  Nick curates the BONK! performance series in Racine and edits the online venue boo: a journal of terrific things.  You can visit him online sometime at his blog nickipoo.wordpress.com

Here’s some other stuff that’s also true about me:

I studied poetry and literature at Carthage College, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and earned a Masters degree in Library and Information Science from UW Milwaukee.  I also completed a semester in the Rocky Mountain Wilderness through NOLS (the National Outdoor Leadership School), based in Lander, WY.  I love rock climbing, white water kayaking and racquetball.  I love water.

Any more bio info seems inappropriate here, since that’s what the other links on this page are for.  However, if you would like to contact me for any reason, feel free to e-mail me at ndemske@yahoo.com.  Invite me to do a reading.  Solicit me for work.  Ask me for the address of the library where I work so you can send all the books you or your press have published so I can include them in our collection.  Or just say hi.


9 Responses to “About”

  1. Hey. Somebody explain to me what the hell is going on. Are they performing a postmortem on me already? Where is my box of Snail Death?

  2. Matthew Horn Says:

    Love you.

  3. Craig Cotter Says:

    Some good energy in your feature in the current P&W. Congrats on having Fence do your book.

    • thanks a lot, Craig. Good energy is definitely always my intention so I’m really glad to hear it translated through the print.

      keep in touch,

  4. my face needed a poet laureate. glad it’s you. maybe it’ll see you again at awp this year, as it did 2 years ago in chicago–it was shocked btw!–all the best npoo-master.

  5. Zachary Kluckman Says:

    Good morning,

    I hope you won’t mind my messaging you but I wanted to ask you for some assistance. We have a great troupe of poets coming through there in June around the third week or so somewhere between the 17th and the 23rd or so, with some flexibility) and we were hoping you could help set us up with a feature and/or workshop in the area? We’ll be coming in from shows at the Green Mill and Nuyorican and would love to visit Wisconsin on the way!

    Jessica Helen Lopez, Zachary Kluckman and Katrina Guarascio are the poets we each have new books out through West End Press and Casa de Snapdragon. Jessica and I have extensive performance experience (Jessica has been on three of Albuquerque’s nationals team as well as being part of Sandra Cisneros’s Macondo Foundation and I have done a few small tours and featured at the Green Mill, plus I have published poetry all over the world and have spoken word tracks on over 500 radio stations worldwide.) Katrina is a bit newer but she is putting out her second book and is a great reader that has been one of our dear friends and writing partners for years.

    I can send short bios and some links for you to look at if you like, and we’re happy to send fuller bios/CV’s at your request. We have some friends in the area and a fairly extensive network of fans and friends nationally so we can probably generate a great buzz.

    Any info you can offer would be deeply, deeply appreciated. We are looking forward to being in the area and hope we can share some words and love with you all out there but we’ve had trouble finding venues. Thanks and my deepest respects,


    • hi zach. thanks for hitting me up…i’m as booked as i want to be with reading events right now until about august, but i’ll at the very least let some friends around here know you’re coming and put it to them if they’d like to host you or not. Either way, thanks for getting in touch. I hope the tour goes great.

  6. Stephen Danos Says:

    my face is most certainly having a positive reaction to your book. thanks for the intense read.

    also, I texted a friend about your book, and the iPhone’s autocorrect tool tried to change ‘demske’ to ‘female’

  7. woah. that’s weird that you brought that up because the first poem I wrote for what became the self-titled manuscript (all self-portraits), I had a line “spellcheck suggests surname substitution/ And I seriously consider it: demise.” I cut that poem, eventually, but still kind of like that line.

    keep in touch.

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